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About US

True East – SATRA Mining Company, Saudi Spanish company are pleased to offer a wide range of technical services including: Mineral exploration, Geological study, project management, drilling (DD, RC, RAB), land use surveying, mine design, production planning, Surface mining works (Removing the overburden- drilling, blasting, loading, transporting, crushing), underground mining and mine management. We have the fleet and the workforce with essential technical and managerial experts.

True East – SATRA team has proven experts in a wide variety of geological settings and deposits types. We always adhere to current best practices in health and safety and environmental management, while ensuring that all exploration work is undertaken and completed in compliance with international standards.

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Our vision

We agree with The Vision of the Kingdom of 2030 confirmed on Importance Developing the mining sector, increasing its contribution to GDP, increasing the number of job opportunities, supporting private sector projects.

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Our Mission

We dedicated our services to add value to your project throw robust mineral science applications, smart management and good leadership. Our business model is founded on the qualification and quantification of the company managing director’s on-hands experience with all aspects of the company services, and a collection of the multi-disciplinary expert’s teams who collectively craft integrated business model.




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